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The site for component weights found on the "Original Classic Mini" all in one convenient place.

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Sir Alec Issigonis and the first Mini 621 AOK
The last Mini off the production line 2001.

The weights on this site are for the Alec Issigonis Mini, from 1959 to 2000. Including parts for the A-Series & A-Plus Engines for, BMC Mk1 850cc Austin Se7en, Morris Mini Minor, Super Deluxe, Countryman, Van, Pick-Up, Traveller, Cooper S, 997, 998, 1071, 1275, Riley Elf, Wolseley Hornet, Moke, Austin and Morris Mk2, Leyland Mk3 Mini 1000, 1000HL, 1100 Special, Clubman and 1275GT, Limited Edition, City, Mayfair, Sprite, Mini 25, Ritz, Chelsea, Piccadilly, Park Lane, Advantage, Red Hot, Jet Black, Designer, Racing Green, Flame, Checkmate, Rose, Sky, Mini 30, Spi, Mpi, Studio 2, Cabriolet, Neon, British Open Classic, Italian Job, Rio, Tahiti, Monte Carlo, Mini 35, Cooper Grand Prix, Sidewalk, Equinox, Paul Smith, Cooper Sports, >Cooper S Touring, Cooper Sport 5, Cooper S Works, Rover Mini 40, John Cooper LE, and the Cooper Sport 500 LE.